Make a Real Environmental Impact by Switching to LEDs

Switching from incandescent and/or fluorescent bulbs to LED lighting can be a really great way to save money and keep the Power Mongrel away. LED lighting is more efficient, it doesn’t generate nearly as much heat as traditional light bulbs, and can lower your electric bill by as much as a whopping 85%! But LED lighting has a significantly larger effect on the world than most people realize, because it doesn’t just save families money, it also saves the planet.

Intelligent Efficiency

Here’s the simple fact behind LED lighting: it’s more efficient. For many people, this concept is difficult to imagine. After all, light bulbs emit light, so they all appear the same, initially. But a good way to compare light bulb technology is to look at bulbs the way you do at laptops. If you take one laptop that was made in the year 1993 and one that was built in 2013, you would much rather prefer the newer one, right? Both computers would do the same thing (word processor, spreadsheets, even email) but the newer computer is a lot easier to use, and frankly, more fun.

Well, when you compare an incandescent bulb to LED lighting, it’s really like comparing a 20 year old laptop with one that’s just a few months old. They both do the same thing, emit light, but LED lighting is just so much more advanced that its efficiency cannot be rivaled by a traditional bulb. Now, many people still mistakenly believe that a CFL bulb is one of the most efficient technologies, but that is incorrect. If we go back to the laptop example: if an incandescent bulb is like a computer built in 1993, then a CFL bulb is like one built in 2003… Yes, it’s better than the incandescent, but doesn’t even come close to the efficiency and quality of LED lighting.

Top 3 Ways to Save the Environment with LED Lighting

By just changing a few light bulbs in your home to LED lighting, you will be taking a meaningful step toward lowering your carbon footprint, and living a greener life. The great thing about using LED lighting is that you start making a change right away. With every minute that your house utilizes and LED bulbs instead of an incandescent or a CFL bulb, you are using a lot less electricity. Eating up less electricity means that the Power Mongrel’s power plant produces less greenhouse gasses. With every flip of the light switch you will be doing a big part to help future generations enjoy a cleaner environment, while saving your hard earned money.

More specifically, LED lighting helps the environment in the following direct ways:

1. Less energy is used, which results in less greenhouse gasses being released into the air.

2. LED Lighting lasts longer, up to 50000 hours! This means less plastics and non-biodegradable materials going into the landfill.

3. LED bulbs don’t contain the hazardous mercury present in CFL bulbs. By switching to LEDs, you won’t be utilizing this harmful chemical or releasing it into the environment. Millions of CFLs are tossed away every year, releasing toxins into the environment and the oceans.

By switching to LED lighting today, you can make a meaningful change that goes beyond just recycling your glass and plastics. Instead, every time the LED lighting is turned on in your house, you will know that it is working at maximum efficiency, with a drastically lower carbon footprint.

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