Terms & Conditions

All ALED products are covered by a manufacturer's warranty against defects on workmanship or materials used. The warranty service is limited to the replacement or repair of products that become defective under normal usage, have been installed to Australian Standards and the criteria of the ALED Installation Guide.

1) Proof of Purchase must be provided (inclusive of the date of purchase) if you have not purchased your LED product directly from ALED.

2) After contacting ALED and we have assessed the issue, the customer shall return the whole product unit intact to ALED complete with associated proof of purchase (unless otherwise agreed) to the following address: PO Box 168, Woodvale WA 6026.

3) ALED reserves the right to examine and assess all failed products to determine whether the products are defective and covered under this warranty.

4) Due to the rapidly changing technology in LED Lighting, ALED reserves the right to replace products with a later model or upgraded equivalents where, in some cases, appearance may differ slightly from the original.

5) Failure to observe the correct installation and usage practices & criteria, as specified in the ALED installation document will void the warranty.

6) ALED may follow-up the initial contact with a site visit in order to better understand the possible cause of any failure, and effect a repair or replacement. The arrangement of such a meeting will be carried out by ALED, with date and timing as mutually agreed between ALED and the purchaser.

7) All costs under any warranty claim against ALED, or under the 7-day return, will be met by the purchaser.

8) ALED will not be responsible for any loss or damage to products occurring while in transit to or from customers.

All ALED goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law.

You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure if it can be shown that the failure is due to the supply of substandard ALED components.

You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.

Warranty Periods:

Product Description Warranty Period
All products that do not have a removable LED Globe fitted, including LED Down light, flood light, High Bay, Panel light, V19 & V25 halogen replacement units, Rigid strip lights & Stainless steel outdoor lighting fittings. 3 Years


All removable LED replacement Globe types including E14, B22, E27, G4, G9, G12, Bi-Pin, Replacement linear Halogen units, Tubes and Driver Ranges (unless supplied as part of an LED Unit) 2 Years
All Special offer, or sale items 1 year

The ALED Products range is warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship and to

Operate from the date of purchase for the periods indicated above, subject to the terms and conditions of sale, correct installation as per ALED’s Installation Guide, and the unit having been used in line with its design.

If the product fails to operate within the warranty period due to substandard ALED components, ALED will provide a free replacement product, or a free repair of that unit.

The benefits provided to the consumer by this warranty are in addition to all other rights available to the consumer under the Australian consumer laws.

Warranty exceptions:

This warranty does not cover:

  • LED products that have been tampered with, improperly used or disassembled
  • Products that have been installed in a fully enclosed lighting fixture (air tight) unless supplied by ALED and designed for that purpose (outdoor stainless steel range).
  • Products used in association with standard electronic or iron core transformers.
  • Products installed in an area which has an ambient temperature of over 50 degrees Celsius at any time  (such as un-insulated or unvented tin roofed areas, which can reach in excess of 70 *C)
  • Products installed with dimmer switches that are not ALED approved.
  • Products powered by self-generated AC power supply.

We can test to see if products have been covered in insulation causing failure by overheating

NOTE: it is essential that any insulating material does not cover any part of the LED product, as this will greatly reduce the Lifespan of any LED Product, especially LED driver units. The damage caused by insulating a LED product will be detectable. If ALED identifies evidence that a product has been even partially covered by any insulating material, exposed to liquids, tampered with, or modified in any way, or has been incorrectly installed, the warranty will become void.

If you are not happy with your purchase or would like to exchange it for a different model, please return the item and its original packaging in an undamaged state within 7 days of purchase and we will provide a full product refund (delivery costs excluded) or product exchange.

If your product has failed or you would like to exchange your purchase (within the 7 day exchange period), please contact ALED and request a Product Return Form, which is to be completed and returned with the faulty/exchangeable item(s) and a copy of purchase proof (invoice) to:

PO Box 168 Woodvale Western Australia 6026, please also email:

pete@aussieledlighting.com.au or call 0402 079799 in the first instance, and before posting.

Please note:  Return or replacement postage is not covered by ALED.

ALED will process Warranty Returns, both refund and replacements within 14 days of receiving the original items.

Warranty and Refund/Exchange Process:

Any liability for indirect, incidental or consequential damages arising from the failure of any LED Product is excluded. For warranty claims on faulty products, the claimer must provide proof of purchase information in the form of official invoice or funds transfer documentation with the supplier of the unit. The warranty claimer must return the faulty product directly to ALED and is solely responsible for all postage costs associated with the warranty claim.

Within the 7-Day Refund and Exchange Policy, ALED must receive prior notice that you will be returning any products within 7 days of product receipt. ALED will not accept requests for refunds for any products more than 7 days after the customer has received those products.

Aussie LED Lighting make every effort to ensure our LED products are of the highest quality, however if customers wish to exchange purchased products within the 7-day period, they must ensure all packaging is returned in its original condition with the LED product to allow the warranty/exchange process to proceed. All postage/shipping costs will be at the expense of the purchaser, and any exchanges may be subject to additional postage charges.

Additional information:

ALED products have a very high level of reliability, however it is essential that the person installing the LED product adhere totally to the instructions of the ALED installation leaflet.

Aussie LED Lighting fully investigates all mechanical failures, and engages our suppliers to eliminate the source of those failures. We work closely with our suppliers to identify opportunities to enhance the reliability and functionality of our products.

Aussie LED Lighting remains confident that, if installed correctly, all our products will greatly exceed the warranty period.


  • If any products are found to be damaged on delivery, this must be reported to Aussie LED Lighting within 7 days of receipt, including supporting photographs. No damaged goods claims can be accepted outside of this timeframe.
  • ALED does not accept any claims for overheated products due to poor installation; the warranty only applies to manufacturing faults and not failure due to poor installation.
  • Any failed products must be returned (at purchasers cost) with proof of purchase, before a replacement unit will be returned (at purchasers cost).
  • If any product part has been covered with insulation, exposed to liquids, tampered with, installed in an area with a ambient temperature of over 50 degrees Celsius or modified in any way this will void any warranty claims.
  • ALED cannot be held responsible for any failures or damage caused by power surge, dirty power supplies, self-generated / portable AC generator unit.
  • ALED cannot be held responsible for any failures due to Lightning strike or any Acts of God (This should be covered by your own home insurance).
  • If a product is no longer manufactured, ALED will supply a replacement for any LED product within the warranty period, but it may not be identical to the model originally supplied (but every effort will be made to closely match the original product that is been replaced)
  • Aussie LED Lighting Pty Ltd reserves the right to change any product, specifications or design without notice.
  • As part of ongoing product improvement, the specification and design of the current LED products may change.  Please see the ALED website for the latest specifications and improvements.
  • ALED will challenge claims if not installed to full installation details available on our website.
  • Any Products installed in an area which has an ambient temperature of over 50 degrees Celsius  (such as un-insulated tin roofed areas, which can reach in excess of 70 *C) will not be covered under warranty.
  • Any Products even partially covered by any insulating material, modified in any way, or has been incorrectly installed are not covered under the warranty terms.  Proof of installation to the above conditions, is the responsibility of the claimant.
  • Any additional fee's or cost's incurred by ALED will be deducted from any refund, if an item is ordered and paid for online, then subsequently cancelled or returned - this includes Bank Charges, Paypal charges, postage charges and any other incidental charges incurred due to the cancellation of any order.