Installation Guide

Aussie LED Lighting Pty Ltd, Detailed installation policy requirements and product information.

Product Information Coding:

Aussie LED Lighting products may have the prefix ALED-

Followed by the Product Model number

Followed by the Face Colour W = White, S = Silver, AL = Aluminium, CH = Chrome.

Followed by the Light Output colour CW = Cool White, NW = Natural White, WW = Warm White (or a specific colour frequency)

If the Product is Dimmable, the next code will be D, if non dimmable there will be no D prefix

If the Product is suitable to be fitted into a 90mm standard Australian cut out, this may be identified by a 90 in the code.

Please refer to the ALED website for specific cut out dimensions.

Some packaging has been superseded, and the coding may not fully align, please see website data sheets for latest product specifications.

Main LED Lighting, Installation & Safety Warnings:

·  This product must be installed by a licensed electrician in accordance with latest version of AS/NZS 3000 and local building & electrical installation regulations

·  If replacing traditional plugged Halogen down lights and transformers  It must be ensured that the minimum specified clearances below are met and it is installed to meet your local installation regulations

·  If product appears to be damaged, do not continue with installation & return it to the point of purchase.

·  Before attempting to install or remove any lamp, always insure the circuit is not energised and ensure all lamps are fully cooled.

·  All lighting products will produce some heat; ensure the illuminated surface is at least 150mm from the luminaires.

·  Allow as much as possible ventilation & air flow around the LED light fitting and Driver, Enclosed Down light covers are not recommended.


·  Do not expose any LED light fitting, or any associated component to water or any other liquids, unless specified as IP65 of higher.

·  Do not attempt to modify luminaires or drivers in any way.

·  Ensure that a minimum clearance of 30mm all around is provided between the luminaires and the structural members, thermal insulation and any other substance, in accordance with the latest version of AS/NZS 3000 - Electrical Installation & Wiring Regulations and your local Installation requirements.

·  The driver must be fixed permanently and positioned in a well-ventilated location, not directly above the down light  with a minimum clearance of 50mm.between any thermal insulation and driver, in accordance with current version AS/NZS 3000.

·  ALED does not accept any liability for cutting the wrong size cut out holes; the luminaries should be measured to ensure the correct cut out dimension.

·  The LED unit can be used with recommended dimmers.  Do not mix the other load types on a single dimmer circuit.

Down Light & Round Panel Light, INSTALLATION PROCEDURE:

·       Remove the components from the packaging and any protective films are fully removed before use.

·       Ensure the LED Driver is connected to LED luminaires and secure, Test the luminaries by plugging into a local socket, before installation.

·       Ensure the power supplies to the area of installation are isolated and locked out.

·       Insert the driver and plugged lead into the ceiling cavity first.     Fix the down light into position by:-

·       Pressing the ends of the helical torsions springs upwards against the body of the LED body and offer the body into the cut out hole.

·       Press the fitting firmly into place until it is retained by the torsion springs.

·       Securing the driver to AS NZS 3000 and your local area installation requirements.

·       Connect to supply circuit, remove isolations and test.


·  For cleaning, wipe over with a clean cloth moistened with methylated spirit and allow drying off before using the unit.

·  Do not use hydrocarbon based solvents or abrasive cleaning compounds on any part of the fitting.

·  Do not insert any object or substance into the lamp holder for cleaning purposes.


·       There are no user replaceable / repairable components in the luminaires. But all ALED down lights, are supplied with a mini connector on the LV cable, to allow a driver replacement with an identical model driver, should this be required.

·       Each luminaires is matched  to the driver it is supplied with and must be used with the driver supplied with the unit, or Identical replacement, the warranty will be void if any other LED power supply or driver is used.


·       Individual models may have specific characteristics, and these will be detailed on the driver and luminaires labels, specific details of each product are available from the ALED website.


·       Dimmable versions of ALED products have been thoroughly tested, using Triac, Clipsal Trailing edge or universal, they can also be used with LED specific dimmers, ALED accepts no responsibility for product failure if used with any dimmers not tested & recommended by ALED.

Please Note: The Luxman Universal Dimmer currently gives the widest dimming range with most products, although there may be a slight flicker at lower levels.

Please contact us if you have any questions on dimming, and recommended dimmers for each product.

·       C-BUS, control compatibility, all ALED products have been tested by an independent C-Bus control company, and most models are compatible with C-Bus, please contact ALED for preferred C-Bus installation suppliers information.

LED Panel Lights:

·       Straight edged LED panels can be suspended, Installed directly into suspended ceiling, or mounted using the integral keyhole supports.

·       The driver must not be mounted on or supported by the panel light.

·       The LED panel and driver must not be covered by any insulating material,


·       If any products are found to be damaged on delivery, this must be reported to Aussie LED Lighting within 7 days of receipt, including supporting photographs. No damaged goods claims can be accepted outside of this timeframe.

·       ALED does not accept any claims for overheated products due to poor installation; the warranty only applies to manufacturing faults and not failure due to poor installation.

·       Any failed products must be returned (at purchasers cost), with proof of purchase, before a replacement unit will be returned (at purchasers cost) with,

·       If any product part has been covered with insulation, exposed to liquids, tampered with, or modified in any way this will void any warranty claims.

·       ALED cannot be held responsible for any failures or damage caused by power surge, dirty power supplies, self generated / portable generator unit.

·       ALED cannot be held responsible for any failures due to Lightning strike or any Acts of God (should be covered by your own home insurance).

·       If a product is no longer manufactured, ALED will supply a replacement for any LED product within the Guarantee period, but it may not be identical to the model originally supplied ( but every effort will be made to closely match the original product that is been replaced)

·       Aussie LED Lighting Pty Ltd reserves the right to change any product, specifications or design without notice.

·       As part of ongoing product improvement, the specification and design of the current LED products may change.  Please see the ALED website for the latest specifications and improvements.

·       If in doubt, regarding any aspect of these precautions and warnings - please contact ALED before installation / use of this product.

·       ALED will challenge claims if not installed to full installation details available on our website. Any Products installed in an area which has an ambient temperature of over 50 degrees Celsius at any time  (such as  un-insulated tin roofed areas, which can reach in excess of 70 *C)

·       Any Products even partially covered by any insulating material, installed in an area with a ambient temperature of over 50 degrees Celsius, modified in any way, or has been incorrectly installed we have the right to refuse a refund.

·       Proof of installation to the ALED installation policy, is the responsibility of the claimant.

This installation leaflet must not be copied or used without permission of ALED.