About Us

boat-led-lightsAussie LED Lighting is an Australian company that was formed in 2011 to make Quality LED Lighting affordable and available to everyone. Our research of the market showed retailers charging excessive mark-ups, which resulted in the technology only being affordable to a small number of people.

Aussie LED Lighting aims to bring down the price of LED lighting, and in doing so, make this safe, reliable, economical and environmentally friendly form of lighting available to everyone.

Our extensive research and rigorous application of standards enables us to supply quality products from reputable and ethical manufacturers, giving you the confidence that our lights will deliver the performance you expect.

All products are thoroughly tested and certified in laboratories that comply with the relevant Australian and International standards. Aussie LED Lighting performs additional testing of all models before they are included in the ALED portfolio.

Aussie LED Lighting works closely with customers and suppliers to ensure we stay in touch with the changing trends and opportunities within the LED business. We also partner with our suppliers to bring improvements to already successful products.

There are many manufacturers of LED products around the world, but unfortunately not all are reputable or deliver quality. You may have seen a similar looking product online, but there is a huge difference in the quality of LED products including:

  • forged LED chips,
  • poor quality electronic components,
  • poor quality wiring,
  • inappropriate insulation,
  • ineffective heat sinks,
  • substandard materials of construction.

The list products that can be made from lower quality components is endless.  At Aussie LED Lighting, we believe it makes good business sense to use high quality components that cost a small amount above average, and to sell the finished product at less than most other retailers. That ensures that we can deliver quality and value to our customers. Our reputation is important to us, because it is important to you, and forms the basis of our business.

Aussie LED Lighting will only supply Quality LED Lighting that is Certified and suitable for the Australian Market and will honour warranty claims as long as a product is installed correctly and used for the propose it was designed to meet.

To offer Quality LED lighting at an affordable price, we keep limited stocks, and can offer further discounts, if our products are ordered and paid for in advance.